Saarah's Fund

Saarah's Fund is a children's charity which raises funds through charity events and charitable donations. We use these funds to support sick babies, sick children, and children with special needs and their families, both in the UK and overseas.

Saarah’s Fund is registered with the UK Charities Commission.  Charity No.: 1143322

Five Year Anniversary Appeal - Thank you to everyone for making our appeal such a great success.


Thanks to your kindness and generosity over 200 children a month are being cared for in the incubators we provided.


To find out more about the huge difference your donations

have made please click on the logo below.

Incubators Without Borders

We know first hand how important an

incubator can be in ensuring that new born

babies receive the life saving care they need and

what we have learnt over the

last year is that there will always be

the need for incubators somewhere in the world.


It is, therefore, with great pleasure, that we announce the launch of our new appeal,

Incubators Without Borders,

So that we can provide incubators for new born babies wherever they are most in need.


Together with your help, we can ensure that

even more babies receive the life saving

care they need in the first few days and

weeks of their precious lives.


Please click on the Incubators Without Borders logo on the right to make a donation.



Oxford Half Marathon


On sunday, 8th October I completed the

Oxford Half Marathon,

to raise funds for our new appeal -

Incubators Without Borders

(more details below) - so that we can provide incubators for new born babies

wherever they are most needed.

For example, we received a request for more incubators, this time for a

hospital in Sana, Yemen.


We have raised over £1,500,

which is an amazing response.

Thank you so much for

your generosity.

If you would still like

to donate, please kindly please

click on the image to the left. Thank you.


Talib (father of Saarah Ali.)

Kualo Charity Web Hosting - Kualo have been kind enough to include us in their free charity hosting project. We would be delighted if you would visit them at their following link:   

Free Charity Hosting by Kualo

Marco's Thames Path Challenge


On Saturday, 9th September, our dear friend Marco DiMauro successfully completed the 100 km Thames Path Challenge raising money for Saarah's Fund.


To find out exactly how well Marco did, please click on the Thames Path Challenge logo on the right.